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Straightforward and goal-oriented. A deep thinker. Always go the extra mile to achieve excellence and success

  • Name: Aleksandra Jakimoska
  • Date of birth: February 8, 1994
  • Address: Vanco Pitoseski
  • City: Ohrid, 6000
  • Email: aleksandra@jakimoska.com
  • Phone: +389 78 231 960


2018 - 2020

MSc in Marketing and Management, Faculty of Economics

"Ss. Cyril and Methodius", Skopje, North Macedonia
2012 - 2017

BA in English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology,

"Blazhe Koneski", Skopje, North Macedonia
2008 - 2012

High School of Business and Economics, "Ss. Cyril and Methodious"

Ohrid, North Macedonia


2020 - Present

Freelance copywriter

2020 - Present

SEO Research Associate Editor

360 Quote LLC, Tampa, FL, USA

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Reviewing and analyzing the sites for areas that can be improved
  • Identifying strong keywords and links
  • Editing content to include SEO characteristics (title structure, keywords, links)
  • Optimizing all written content and images
  • Fixing tagging of images and posts
  • Reviewing heading tags
2018 - 2019

Digital Marketing Manager / Head of Marketing

Agni Travel LTD, Headquarters: Guildford, Surrey, UK Subsidiary: Bold Development, Ohrid, North Macedonia

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Creating a marketing plan with goals and benchmarks to meet
  • Planning digital marketing campaigns (SEO/SEM, email, social media, content)
  • Managing social media platforms and creating a social posting calendar
  • Building and maintaining social media presence
  • Writing, editing and proofreading online content
  • Optimizing website and social media for SEO and readability
  • Tracking and measuring SEO and Google Analytics to provide monthly reports
  • Managing contests and giveaways
  • Developing and monitoring campaign budget
  • Measuring and reporting performance of all marketing campaigns
  • Evaluating important metrics that affect the website traffic
  • Partnering with influencer specialists to improve marketing results
  • Identifying the latest trends and insights
  • Managing, leading, training and motivating Marketing interns


  • Increased website traffic by creating and implementing an effective SEO strategy
  • Generated uplift in organic traffic to the website within 7 months
  • Created an effective paid Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns which generated double website visits
  • Reduced online spending by taking over the management of paid campaigns
  • Built over 13k Facebook following and 3k Instagram following starting from scratch
  • Increased online sales by developing an effective marketing plan and strategy
  • Mastered working with Google Analytics in order to provide relevant reports
2018 - 2019

Human Resources Manager

Bold Development, Ohrid, North Macedonia

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Creating job descriptions and advertising open positions
  • Managing the hiring and recruiting process (reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, drafting emails)
  • Managing a team of over 15 employees
  • Administering employees salary and benefits
  • Ensuring that the company is legally compliant in all its employment activities
  • Tracking employees performance
  • Addressing employees personal issues and dealing with their emotional problems
  • Participating in disciplinary and termination meetings


  • Built an efficient and effective team
  • Developed thick skin
  • Learned how to manage stress
2016 - 2018

Content Manager

Populizr, Ohrid, North Macedonia

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Writing and proofreading content
  • Creating a cross-platform content strategy
  • Building a following on social media
  • Managing content across all social media platforms
  • Collaborating with marketing and design team to plan and develop site content, style and layout
  • Optimizing content according SEO
  • Editing other writers’ content
2015 - 2016

English Second Language Teacher

Global House, Ohrid, North, Macedoni

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Planning, preparing and teaching lessons
  • Designing English teaching programs
  • Adjusting instructions to meet all students’ learning styles
  • Selecting appropriate materials, resources, books
  • Assessing, tracking and providing timely feedback on achievement
  • Completing administrative tasks
  • Supervising students’ attendance and behavior




Social Media advertising


E-mail marketing


Google Analytics / Tag Manager


Facebook for Business


Content Marketing


Quantitative and Qualitative Research


Writing advertising copy


Google Ads


Adobe Photoshop




Google Analytics

Beginners and Advanced

Google Digital Garage

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Ads Search Certificate


Google Ads Display Certificate


SEO Fundamentals, Keyword Research, Link Building Exam


Google Ads Measurement Certificate



How to write copy that sells



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